Saturday, January 06, 2007

Fort Bend Republicans Suing Each Other – Starting the Year With a Bang

I haven’t posted on this in awhile, and it seems that there is nothing more fun than watching our Texas Republican competition squabble over money, power, and what’s on the menu. Well, OK, only the first two.

Everybody loves Mystery Chicken.

Now there’s been an even trade. Lawsuits passing each other like ships in the night.

First the Fort Bend Republican Party’s Executive Committee files suit charging that Gary Gillen, the chairman of the same political organization, breached his fiduciary duty, committed fraud, conversion, tortious Interference with Contractual Relations, and tortious Interference with Prospective Relations. You can get a copy of their filing here.

OK, basically they are saying that Gillen violated his duty of “loyalty and good faith” when he served his own selfish interests by diverting the GOP’s shindig to his own PAC, that he lied to them while he was doing it, used the GOP mailing list to carry it out, and used his authority as chairman of the Fort Bend Republican Party to arrange the dinner.

And, yeah, that’s pretty much what he did, you have to hand them that.

That last bit was caught on video, by the way. You have to admire the extent to which these people will go to embarrass each other. Click on the You Tube to watch Gillen’s actions as “a chairman” exposed.

Pretty neat, huh? I particularly like his explanation that he was acting as either the chairman of the PAC or chairman of the event, but not chairman of the party.

The suit seeks a temporary restraining order to stop him from continuing with this, but the judge, 240th District Court Judge Thomas Culver III, said no, but he’d hear arguments on Monday.

When he was asked to comment on this, Gillen said that it was “a sad way to use the money that people have donated to elect Republican candidates to office.”

Which is an odd statement, considering that the two lawyers who filed the suit, Michael Stanley and Brent Carpenter, say that the party isn’t paying them anything for their services. But then, Gillen would have to sign any check sent to them, and I don’t see that happening anytime soon. But they didn’t say they were working this pro bono, did they?

Then this past Wednesday, Gillen fired back. His lawsuit, which you can find here, charges Linda Howell, Dean Hrbacek, David Stone, Jim Hammack and William Benton violated Roberts Rules of Order and for that reason, they filed the lawsuit without legal authority and that it should be dismissed for that reason.

No, really. That’s his case.

Roberts Rules of Order?

Wait, there’s something about that issue and Gillen that is haunting me. Ah, now I remember. It was a muse posting from an eternity ago about the cataclysmic standing room only GOP meeting that took place last May. The quote that was nagging me? In reference to Gillen’s constant stalling the meeting to confer on meeting procedures, muse wrote “Someone please send the guy to a Roberts Rules of Order training”.

Well, I guess someone was reading. Not only did he go to the training, he based an entire lawsuit on Roberts Rules of Order. Or his lawyers did, anyway.

The rest of the filing is a recount of all the public feces flinging that has taken place.

That and stuff he wants these people to stop doing like intimidating people at the Marriott and “contact” sponsors of the Lincoln-Reagan Dinner.

Anyway, the fun continues and it seems like there are calls for popcorn all over the internet these days. Popcorn for we, the observers. Hey, don’t the participants get anything? Doesn’t seem fair. So for the participants: Pass out the chainsaws!

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