Monday, January 08, 2007

Welcome Back View from Twenty-Two!!

You don't know what you've got until it is gone. Isn't that the truth?

Our friend Mark had an incredibly funny and erudite blog, but then he went back to Law School, got pulled in by the pain and pressure of his dictatorial professors. And he shut down his very popular website View From 22.

This evening, he sent this email to me "My first blog post in a long time..." and it left me in stitches. Mark, my friend, welcome back and stick around. Things are very interesting.

Mark's back (I hope). He's back to give Nick Lampson a headache (I hope). I walked miles and miles for Nick. Called and called. We need to keep his feet to the fire (I hope).

Nick, in March 2006 you held a press conference on the steps of Sugar Land City Hall, presenting Americans with a payment due notice. Imagine what we could have done with the oil and gas royalties to pay down the debt that Tom DeLay and his cronies heaped on us, our children, and our grandchildren. But no. Instead, those funds are going to go to ultra deepwater conventional oil and gas R&D that would normally have been taken care of - in a bygone time - by Oil and Gas company profits. When I worked in the O&G industry, I watched as they gutted their R&D departments in cost cutting strategies. Now that cost cutting is no longer an issue, the R&D is going to be taken care of with PUBLIC FUNDING?

Nick, that is the essence of obscene.

Nick, I know that you can't take back the pork once it is delivered, but can you please stop it now?

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