Sunday, January 03, 2010

Club Sandwich Please, Hold the Baloney

Delicatessen magnate Marc Katz has thrown his hair net into the ring for the Democratic nomination for Texas Lieutenant Governor according to this story in the Austin American-Statesman.
“Austin deli king Marc Katz said Wednesday his family members would pour millions of their own money into his campaign for lieutenant governor.”
So in the Sanchez/Watts tradition, Katz will be a self-funded, or in this case, family-funded candidate where fundraising is not the problem.

Name recognition is the problem.

Running for a statewide office is a difficult one here in sprawling Texas, with 5 separate media venues and vast expanses of unpopulated land inbetween. You need name-recognition first and foremost.

Marc Katz may see himself as a big name, his family’s deli business certainly is - - - in New York City. But I think it will be a difficult sell despite the fact that the founding store, Katz’ Deli number 1, is on Houston Street on the lower East Side.

Nevertheless, I welcome Marc Katz’ entry into the fray, because his opposition to Ronnie Earl, that guy who helped to transport Tom DeLay from his powerful position in Washington DC to his role as dance partner to Cheryl Burke in Hollywood in three short years, will only amplify the race for Lieutenant Governor.

This is going to be fun.


Anonymous said...

Marc Katz's family does not own,neverowned,and never had anything to do with the Katz's in New York.He claims they are related,but no. Just eat in both places and you will know. One of the owners of the N.Y. Katz's told me that they have had a Federal Trademark on their name for just about forever.

Anonymous said...

Marc Katz is not connected to Katz;z in New york in any shape manner of form.He never has. Thjis is insulting to N.Y. taste buds.