Wednesday, January 20, 2010

For Texas CD 22: That’s Blatt

Logically, the follow-up to my endorsement of Robert Pruett for the Democratic nomination in the Texas CD 14 congressional race is to produce an endorsement for one of the three who are running for the Democratic nomination in my own congressional district, Tom DeLay’s old CD 22.

Also known as the Fighting 22nd.

With Nick Lampson unable to draw enough Republican crossovers or Independents to make a difference in 2008, we are now saddled with Grand No Partier extraordinaire, Pete “Just Say No” Olson.

By the way, I have Pete on video for his entire speech given at the TEA Party event in Sugar Land last April and I excerpted parts of it on a posting, but maybe as we get closer to the November election we need to see more of it.

Pete Olson chumming it up with the Teabaggers. That’s just plain fun.

But I digress.

This year Democrats have three candidates running for the Democratic nomination to run against Olson in November. They are, alphabetically, Doug Blatt, an Information Systems specialist (aka computer geek), Kesha Rogers, a political activist, and Freddie “John Wieder” Jr., a real estate broker, businessman and recently ordained minister.

Let’s dispense of the last, first.

“John Wieder” (why does he put two names in quotes?) is a Libertarian. We know this because he ran as such against Nick Lampson and Pete Olson in ’08.Wieder has lots of issues and I don’t just mean the political ones.

What I have learned from limited contact, and maximal perusal of his website, Wieder is running on a platform of God, Guns, and the universal right of all old guys to wear tacky, tacky ties.


Lakesha “Kesha” Rogers is a LaRouche Democrat. She is a fervent follower of the LaRouche Movement. When I first encountered Kesha this was very apparent from the very first paragraph of her literature. She has since buried the LaRouchian rhetoric in paragraph 4 of her recent literature. But I really like paragraph 5 much better:

“My intention in running is not to wait until January 2011 to implement this (LaRouche) plan, but to use my campaign, and those of my fellow LaRouche Youth Movement members also running for the Democratic nomination for Congress – Rachel Brown, who will oust incumbent menace Barney Frank, and Summer Shields, who will retire Speaker Nancy Pelosi – to mobilize the American people NOW, to regect the fascist policies imposed by the British monarchy, through its puppet Obama, in favor of the ‘LaRouche Plan’ which is in the tradition of those policies which have historically led to prosperity for out nation, and happiness for our people.”

As I said, a favorite passage of mine. Very revealing. As revealing as "Plan 9 From Outer Space" (Obama, a puppet to the British Monarchy? . . .yep). Winning, it seems, is not foremost in her mind. Using her candidacy to promote other races is.

Guys, read up on it yourselves. The LaRouche Movement is an “out there” political cult that is, in my opinion, as eclectic as the Libertarian Movement. But mainly, I have never forgiven the LaRouche Movement for foisting upon California voters Proposition 64 in 1986: a ballot proposition that was soundly defeated by Californians by a 4 to 1 margin.

Proposition 64 sought to restore the disease AIDS (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) to the list of communicable diseases. Had this passed, this would in effect have required the quarantine of hundreds of thousands of Californians with HIV and AIDS, denying them a right to work for a living. They made wild claims that AIDS could be transmitted by insects, respiratory contact, and indeed any casual contact whatsoever. They called their campaign the “Prevent AIDS Now Initiative Committee” (PANIC). The proposition was resubmitted in 1988 with similar result.

They finally got the message.

So I have to reject Rogers as well. Rogers = LaRouche.

Leaving us with the computer geek, Doug Blatt.

Now make no mistake, Blatt is about as new to politics as he can get. He has experience in Information Systems working in the Michigan Legislature so there’s that. But Blatt’s issues are the Democratic Party’s issues.

  • He is for reforming “No Child Left Behind”
  • He is for repealing the Bush tax cuts.
  • He is for reform or repeal of the Patriot Act (well . . .which is it?)
  • He is for Medicare for All
  • He sees the need to build a mass transit system connecting Houston with the outlying areas in the district.

And again, I have video. Here is Doug Blatt in some pretty raw footage that I took last night at the regular monthly meeting of the Fort Bend Democratic Party.

Here is his website. Already I have a problem with the first four words in the second paragraph, but we can’t agree all of the time.

So it’s really a no-brainer here. First we need to clear the field for the only true Democrat on the primary ballot.

Then we go from there.


Anonymous said...

I never thought I'd say this...

I wish we had someone as talented as Nick Lampson or Chris Bell running?

Ouch...that hurt.

Anonymous said...

I sure hope we can come up with someone better than this?

Hal said...

Filing deadline was January 4th. These are the candidates.

Anonymous said...

Blatt may not be a career politician, but atleast he's an open-minded progressive. As far as I'm concerned, he can only get better.