Friday, January 15, 2010

Texas Governor Perry Rejects Millions in Federal Education Funds

I read it in the Houston Chronicle.

Yesterday Governor Rick Perry announced that Texas would not be competing for its share of the $700 million pie that was being offered up by the federal government via a program known as “Race to the Top,” a program that has already been funded by American taxpayer dollars (including those of Texans).

Because, apparently, it would give the Yankees some say over what Texans should be teaching their children.

From the Chron:
“Texas will not compete for a potential $700 million in federal grant funding for schools, Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday, because it could give Washington too much say in deciding what the state's students should learn.”
That’s because, as we all know, what our state school board does is best for the children of Texas as well as for any other state who has to use textbooks that Texas will approve for its students, because Texas buys their textbooks as a single paying unit.

The president of the Texas Association of School Boards, Sarah Winkler, released the associations resounding rejection of Perry’s rationale:
“The governor's unilateral decision not to submit a plan means that Texas school districts that are facing serious financial challenges will not have an opportunity to apply for federal funding to implement positive changes in our schools. Even one-time funding would allow districts to institute meaningful reforms.”
And a unilateral decision is exactly what it is. There is no recourse. Perry’s decision is final and irrevocable.

In short, it is what Teabaggers prefer to say about decisions like this: it is tyranny.

When decisions like this are made, decisions that will take education funding right out of the hands of school districts across the state, we need to rethink not only who sits in the Governor’s office right now, and whose political party he represents, but just whether there needs to be a new definition of the executive branch of state government that does not allow this kind of dictatorial conduct.


アダルトSEO said...

In my opinion, the dictatorial conduct often makes by government. So, I hope this status can be changed in some day, that is people are the masters and they have a right of dictatorial conduct.

Kenneth D. Franks said...

Federal funds have always had some strings attached but those funds were paid in by us and to not even submit a plan to receive them for education is simply another example of poor leadership.
Similar to the rejection of funds for unemployment compensation, we have now been forced to borrow money to pay unemployed workers.
In education the Texas government will ask schools to do more with less, again.
My website has not been updated yet but I am a candidate for the Texas House. the archives are still online though.

Anonymous said...

This is so sad for the children of Texas. If this is what extremist fringed, Teabagging politics look likes, it is lunacy just as I thought. Furthermore this lunacy is wrapped in very, bitter partisan politics against the Democratic and racism against Obama. The terminology "giving Washington too much say" Washington these days is a synonym for anti-Democratic Party and anti-Obama.

Texas will not compete for a potential $700 million in federal grant funding for schools, Gov. Rick Perry said Wednesday, because it could give Washington too much say in deciding what the state's students should learn.”

This is part and parcel of that same thinking: we do not want President Obama speaking to school children---so, so, pathetically for the children of Texas.

By the way did I not read somewhere that Perry was considering a Political run for the Presidency in 2012?
Someone had better tell that the Presidential residence is located in Washington D. C.

Delezzia said...

Another reason Perry needs to GO! Ten years is enough of this ignorant buffoon.

Anonymous said...

This is the first thing I have been proud of Perry doing. Too bad he is grandstanding for the media before the election.

Let's stop selling out for the dollar.

Anonymous said...

I am a texas college student and I am glad our Governor stood up for what was right. We don't need to sell ourself short or even get down on that level. The harder choice was the right choice. Way to go Perry.

Hal said...

Oh, now that is funny Anon.

How are you liking that tuition that you pay? Your hero and his policies are responsible for that.