Monday, January 25, 2010

Phillip Andrews: What Really Matters

Running unopposed for the Democratic nomination for Texas State Rep in House District 26 is Phillip Andrews, a local educator, accountant, PhD-to-be and all around nice guy.

Andrews will face Charlie Howard in November.

Howard hasn’t drawn a General Election opponent since 2004 when he ran against Jeanette Popp. Back then, before Democrats started moving into the district, Popp could attract a little over 30% of the vote.

In the ensuing years, Charlie Howard continued to rake in the lucre, giving many Republicans in the district some pause. There doesn’t seem to be a bottom to Howard’s avarice. Something he will admit to anyone – after informing you he is a Christian, that is.

In 2008 Howard drew two challengers in the Republican Primary: Paula Stansell - a very credible moderate Republican who had enough of Howard, and Norm Ley.

Stansell got 31.18% of the Republican vote, Ley, a little over 4 percent. Confirming something to me that I already suspected: Howard was vulnerable in a general election.

Phillip Andrews, Howard’s November opponent, is everything that Charlie Howard isn’t.

You can, and really should acquaint yourself with Andrews through his campaign website, where he tells a very remarkable story of his life on a Texas farm, and the early trials that he has faced in life.

A truly remarkable story.

And you can watch him speaking at last week’s regular monthly meeting of the Fort
Bend County Democratic Party. I have the video below.

What can I say about Phillip Andrews? Maybe just this for now: Phillip Andrews redefines for us the word “sincerity.”


Anonymous said...

Anyone, but developer and GFCEDC toadie Howard!

Anonymous said...

Go Andrews!

Anonymous said...

It is time to support Phillip for office. He brings a refreshing change to politics and is a product of the grassroots folks who cares about all of the people of district 26.