Sunday, January 31, 2010

For County Judge: Phillip Aitsebaomo

I have a few reasons for opting to endorse in the contested primary election for County Judge of Fort Bend County. But one of them isn’t that I can understand 100% of what Dr. Phillip Aitsebaomo says when he speaks, and I can’t understand his worthy opponent, Rodrigo Carreon, when he speaks.

Dr. Aitsebaomo, a Nigerian-born naturalized US citizen, has that thick West African accent that makes you stop and listen very hard to what he is saying because he is speaking the English language no matter what your ears are trying to tell you.

Rodrigo, a native Texan, has no accent that I can discern. But his frenetic style of speaking also induces one to listen closely.

No, it’s not about speaking skills. In that issue, it is a wash.

I like Dr. Aitsebaomo because of his choices. He wasn’t born in America like Rodrigo and I were. He isn’t American by default. He chose to become an American. In the 2008 election he didn’t choose to support Barack Obama because he is an African-American (although I now see that he sees the benefit of that). Black Americans were a huge voting bloc for Barack Obama, but among African immigrants, I have read, there was very much a 50:50 split between Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Africans remembered Bill Clinton’s policies toward Africa and hoped that Hillary would continue in that vein. Not Dr. Aitsebaomo.

“With Obama, maybe we can have a more meaningful relationship with Africa, a relationship based on more than just U.S. interests alone," added Aitsebaomo, who lives in Meadows Place. "We think Obama will take Africa more seriously.”

I like Dr. Aitsebaomo because of the ease that he makes very profound observations. Observations like “You need somebody who has common sense. We talk about common sense as if it is so common. Common sense is not common. You have to really think hard to know what to do.”

I like Dr. Aitsebaomo for the remarks he made about Barack Obama’s election a year ago. Remarks that I captured on video and have appended to the end of the campaign speech that I also videoed at the last meeting of the Fort Bend Democrats.

But finally, I want Dr. Aitsebaomo to run against the incumbent County Judge, Bob Hebert, because we can then put Dr. Aitsebaomo’s fully earned title and degrees (Dr. Philip Aitsebaomo, PhD, OD) up against Judge Hebert’s degrees. If you do the digging, as has the editor of the local newspaper you find that the only degree from an institute of higher learning that Hebert has truly earned is one from a junior college.

I know. Supporting a candidate because he can win in a game of college degree one-upmanship isn’t a good reason. So let me offer another reason to support the good doctor in the primary, and in the General Election.

I’d just love to sit and listen one day to scores of Fort Bend County (Texas) employees drawl out their new boss’ name: Apeameokhai Aitsebaomo.

That would be a treat and a half.

Video follows:


SEO 被リンク said...

He must be an interesting person, and maybe humurous.

Anonymous said...

people'person,wellqualify and ready to move our devercify county foward.
DR Philip love helping people