Thursday, January 28, 2010

Justice Alito: “You Lie”

When will the oppos in the audience at a joint session of congress learn to mind their manners?

President Barack Hussein Obama fulfilled his constitutional mandate to deliver an address to the House and Senate. The Joint Chiefs, the Justices of the Supreme Court, and a host of other hangers on were also invited to listen.

The last time Obama spoke to congress, it was about healthcare reform. In one of his remarks, Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina couldn’t contain himself and shouted out the words “You lie” to the president.

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This most deservedly earned him several days of bad press, and Teabagger delight. Making me wonder which was worse.

But last night, Barack Obama rightfully criticized the 5 justices of the Supreme Court, who were sitting in chairs right in front of him, for handing down that stinker of a decision giving corporations complete power of the purse in our soon-to-be extinct democratic system.

Take a look at this 16 second You Tube clip and you will see the camera cut away from Obama and zoom in on the right side of Justice Alito’s head to collect a reaction, if any.

Alito cooperated and issued a wince at 11 seconds and a full sentence between 13 and 15 seconds. The sentence? One can clearly see are the words reading his lips: “That’s not true.”

That is, what the President had just said was at odds with the truth. A prevarication, if you will.

A lie.

That’s a lie.

View it again to see what a truly stoic visage our newest Justice, Sonia Sotomayor had at the same instant in time.

This is the face of maturity.

I suspected all along that Justice Alito is a petulant child, and now I see the truth of that.

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