Monday, January 18, 2010

Steve Brown for Fort Bend County Democratic Party Chair

I had the opportunity to listen to Steve Brown, a Democratic activist who currently serves as Secretary of the Fort Bend Democrats club, speak about his candidacy in the upcoming March 2nd primary for County Chair of the Democratic Party .

Brown has a broad range of political experience that uniquely qualifies him for this position, a position that has unfortunately been occupied by a woman who has not responded to the growth of the Democratic base in this county. A party chair who makes it difficult, if not impossible for people to run for office – one of her main functions as party chair.

A county party chair who has refrained from supporting the party’s nominees in the General Election.

Steve Brown promises to change all of that. But don’t just take my word for it. I videoed Brown’s speech at a recent meeting of the Fort Bend Democrats. During the speech Brown was interrupted several times by a woman who remains loyal to the current party chair despite the neglect that the chair has wreaked upon her own people. I understand that. I understand loyalty. I even understand blind loyalty because I am sometimes tainted with that very thing. But I don’t understand loyalty in the face of incompetence.

This is my way of explaining the video edits. In order to let Steve speak uninterrupted, I edited the video and did some rearranging. I don’t know, you tell me. I think it flows, and it highlights Brown’s strong points.

Didn’t get the Facebook URL? It’s here.


Duke said...

Nice editing.

What are Mr. Brown's credentials?

Hal said...

I could jump through the hoop you are holding, Duke, and state Brown's credentials - - - again - - - or I could just ask you to look at the clip again, or go to his Facebook page and read about it there, or I could give you his number one credential right here.

His name isn't Elaine Bishop.

Who needs more than that?

Duke said...

Same team Hal.

Hal said...

Thanks for clarifying that point. I get lots of snarky comments that don't make it past moderation and am expecting more than a few of them on this post.

Anonymous said...

Moron and asshole! Yes you prick!

Hal said...


That reminds me.

In addition to ridding ourselves of the Chair, a proven incompetent, when we elect an up and comer Steve Brown as our Chair, we will also rid ourselves of the Party Secretary/Sycophant Carol Trujillo.

The one whose co-dependent behavior makes Elaine Bishop's incompetant use of power possible.

What's the term? Oh yeah.

Like nailing jello to a wall.

Aunt Polly said...

The questions: When did Lacy become anonymous? Does she kiss her mother with that mouth? Such class from the Bishop handmaidens.

Hal said...

This is just a sampling of the comments I am getting from them. It would be more fun if someone was paying me to do this.