Saturday, January 30, 2010

Judicial Candidates in Fort Bend County, Texas

Now that Democrats are close to achieving parity in Fort Bend County, and the county is poised to elect Democratic candidates to office this year, we have more than just a few people running for judicial offices this year.

Today I want to post videos of 2 of these candidates speaking at the January 2010 meeting of the Fort Bend Democrats.

First we have Frederika Allen, who will be running against Republican Judge Thomas Culver, III in November. Her Facebook page is here.

And we have Albert Hollan. Albert has run before in judicial races in Fort Bend County, and as he so well illustrates in the video, each time he gets closer and closer to victory.

Here is his campaign website.

Albert Hollan is getting set for a rematch against the sitting Republican judge in the 268th district court, Brady Elliott.

Both of these candidates are unopposed in the primary and will face sitting incumbent Republican judges. Fort Bend County has been ruled and abused by Republican officeholders for decades now. We need to change that.

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Anonymous said...

Go Hollan! Elliot needs to go. These HOA sell-outs have hurt homeowners across the county with their elbow rubbing with the HOA vendor lawyers.