Monday, February 27, 2012

An Aircraft Carrier for the Republic of Wyoming?

This should not surprise me, but I continue to be surprised by the lengths that the uber-conservative right of the Republican Party go to differentiate themselves from the rational moderate wing. You know, the Republicans that we Democrats have gone to in the past for a compromise.

In Wyoming, which has not had a Democratic majority in decades, we have had House Bill 85. House Bill 85 is a bill to create a commission to do the planning for when there is wholesale meltdown of the federal union, when, who knows, the Chinese call in their chit and make us pay it all back. You know, in fantasy world.

Here in Fort Bend County, we have 500,000 souls as of the last census. We have as many people in the county as in the whole state of Wyoming, and NOT A SINGLE plan for food distribution in an economic crisis.

But the good men and women of the Wyoming state house and senate are considering just such a scenario. The first of 50 states to make plans for an economic Armageddon.

We have, after all, a black president. How can we avoid economic meltdown with a black guy in the White House? But more to the point, how can we as a country survive 4 more years of a black presidency? A reality that seems to be hitting these cowboy (and cowgirl) lawmakers full in the face nowadays.

So they must plan. And actually it does my heart good that these people are planning for the worst. That is my approach after all. They must plan for a very Libertarian return to a metal based currency, which is central to House Bill 85. They must plan for a food distribution system to feed the teeming throngs of a half a million Wyoming-ans who would face certain starvation under Chinese rule.

But it gets better. Someone in Wyoming has just been tipped to the fact that the 2nd Amendment rights to gun ownership will not be enough in the coming crisis. They are going to need planes and bombs. Jet planes.

And a platform to launch them from.

An aircraft carrier.

Wyoming needs to have its own aircraft carrier.

An aircraft carrier to cruise the waters of Lake Yellowstone maybe?

People tell me that I am too hard on my Republican fellow Americans. Be fair they say. And then you get these stories, true stories, and all I have to say is…are you kidding? These people are pure whack jobs.

They need to check the Strontium-90 content in Wyoming’s aquifers.

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