Thursday, February 09, 2012

Will Texas Have a Significant Primary or an Inconsequential One?

Before last Tuesday I figured that a delayed Texas Primary, delayed from Super Tuesday to April….or May….or June meant that the Texas Primary was going to be an inconsequential one.

Inconsequential in that I was thinking that the supposed nominee-to-be, Mitt Romney, was going to have his 1,144 delegates that would secure for himself the nomination at the Republican Convention.

Now after last Tuesday, I am not so certain. Romney keeps making these horrible gaffes exposing himself as a rich snob with no heart. It would be like electing Mr. Burns from “The Simpsons” to run our country.

And Republican primary voters are turning out in droves to vote for anyone but Romney, a vote that has swung heavily toward Rick Santorum as The Newt implodes in public.

So Texas could be a player, even late in the game.

A true disappointment for me because I was hoping for it all to be over in the Republican race so that only the truly agitated Tea Party faction of the Republican Party would care to show up at the primary polls to vote for their extremist candidates who are primarying mainstream Republicans across the state.

Because after the horrible behavior of the Texas Legislature in the 2011 session, Texas voters will be offered more of the same after experiencing 2 years of cutbacks in public services including education and police and fire protection. Who knows, maybe Texans will come to their senses and vote for the candidates who support the public services that Texans used to be proud of.

Democratic candidates, that is.

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