Sunday, February 05, 2012

Dogs Against Romney

It was inevitable. It was inevitable that someone come up with a Facebook page about the now infamous Romney family vacation to Canada. You know. The one where Mitt Romney strapped a dog kennel, essentially a crate to the roof of his station wagon and put in it the family dog, an Irish Setter named Seamus. And drove like a bat out of hell for 12 hours on the interstate.

As the story goes, as retold by one of his sons years later, the children noticed a stream of brown fluid going down the back window of the station wagon. The poor animal was so upset that he became physically ill.

So what did Mitt Romney do? He pulled over into a gas station and hosed off the dog and the crate. Then put them both back on the roof of his car and drove on.

Word has it that while vacationing in Canada Seamus made a break for it and ran away from these crazy heartless people.

So now there is a Facebook page that you can find here.

As we say in Facebook, LOL.

UPDATE: They also have a Blogger website. Fantastic!


Anonymous said...

At least Romney didn't eat his dog....

Hal said...

Lovely. You must be referring to the fact that President Obama lived in Indonesia when he was a child. In parts of Indonesia dog is considered a delicacy, especially black dogs. But Obama lived in Java in a Muslim-dominated area. Muslims considere the eating of dog to be unclean. But dog-dining is something done in northern Sulewesi in a Christian-dominated area.