Saturday, February 25, 2012

Kent Grusendorf: He’s Baaaaack…

Former State Rep. Kent Grusendorf, the guy who personally led the charge for Texas education to go over the cliff until his constituents put a stop to him, is back. He is back with a vengeance. He is back to end public education as we know it.
While people of good intentions toward public education, and their concern about how the Texas legislature has shorted the state’s school children so badly have filed lawsuits to right this terrible wrong, Grusendorf has joined in on the fun with his own disingenuous litigious campaign.

He has joined the other groups that have filed suit to challenge the unconstitutional act on the part of the state legislature to deny public education the funds they need to educate. His claim, horrendously, is that charter schools are being shorted. Charter schools that by far outperform public schools. A claim that is a complete myth.

First, by what measure? Charter schools do not have to comply with state testing requirements. How can you compare apples to tomatoes?

Grusendorf’s motives are completely transparent and joining in these lawsuits to right these terrible wrongs to our school children is, in a word, callous. But why should I be surprised? I am not surprised at all that someone with such ill intentions toward public education as Kent Grusendorf enter this legal fray with complete disregard for what matters most: the education of our children. What he is looking out for is the best interests of the people who want to seize public education and privatize it.

Grusendorf wants to take what has worked for 200 years and turn it on its ear to the benefit of those who can pay for education, to the detriment of those who cannot.

Grusendorf wants to make the story of Barack Obama, someone who battled against the tide to better himself, an impossibility in the future.

His own constituents rejected him. We must  do no less.


Anonymous said...

The article yielded good news for parents who seek a better education for their children. The article stated, “He [Grusendorf] is back to end public education as we know it.” Parents need pray that Grusendorf is successful. The alternative is “Common Core” or “CSCOPE” as it is called in Texas. See the front page article of “The Northeast Texan" March 2013 edition, “The CSCOPE Conundrum” which states: “Parents and industry professionals alike have voiced their opposition to questionable lessons that require female students to wear burqas, refer to the Boson Tea Party participants as terrorists, equate Christ to mythical gods, and compare personal sexuality in a World History discussion.” “Many argue that this approach, rather than leading to higher quality education, has instead resulted in the ‘dumbing down of America’.”
This, folks, is not American public education of the past 200 years. This is an education with an agenda.

Hal said...

The good news for parents is that they can trade a public education for a substandard private education. Wooo-hooo! Win-lose. We in private education get to lose these unguided and retain those who stick it out in a public system under pressure to continuously improve.

Ya know, sometimes it is so obvious to us all.