Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mitt’s Not Itt Anymore

Doggy despoiler Mitt Romney has fallen out of favor with Republicans it seems. But not because he is a tormenter of canines, and he is that, but because he has finally been accused of the sin of not being unable to woo the Republican base. A base whose values are SO foreign to the American mainstream, that this cannot be better news to the Obama Re-Election Team.

Rick Santorum, who lost his own US Senate seat by 16% in the ’08 election, is now the front runner.

And why not? Everyone else, with the exception of Ron Paul, has led the polling at one point or another. If there is one thing Republicans agree on, it is that Ron Paul is a likeable enough fellow, but he is just a total maniac when it comes to policy.

Rick Santorum.

Rick Santorum is the current Republican front liner in the race to the nomination. You know what they say in that regard? It is from the Holy Bible: The Last shall be First.

That is, the last one in the lead is the winner.

O praise Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and Allah (and the spirit of the baobab tree) we have the answer to our prayers in Rick Santorum. Rick Santorum will boldly lead the Republican Party over the proverbial cliff.

Want to lose an election? Come out against a woman’s right to protect herself against conception. Thank you, thank you, thank you Pope Paul VI.

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MomsHugs said...

All kidding aside, the Big Boys won't let the little guy be 1st on their ticket when the Big Money is pledged. The little guy is good to run shotgun for his religious friends, but he can't bring in the Really Big Bucks.