Friday, February 10, 2012

Uh Oh…Mitt’s In for Another Bruisin’

Maine has been conducting its caucuses all week long and the results will be announced tomorrow. I predict  Barack Obama will get the Democratic nod.

But that’s not news. What is news is that there are indications that Ron Paul, Libertarian Ron Paul, has a good chance of winning in Maine this time around. Winning in a state that Mitt Romney won easily in 2008 against John McCain – and Ron Paul.

Because unlike Mitt, Rick, and Newt, Ron has been actively campaigning in Maine. Paul needs a win at some point and Maine, “Live Free or Die” Maine, is his best shot and he darn well knows it.

I was wondering about this as I read earlier this week that even Ron Paul agreed that he would have to, at some point, win one of these races and was concentrating on caucus states. Now he seems “cautiously optimistic” that this is going to happen tomorrow.

So the news shouldn’t be that Ron Paul finally won one in the primary season, the news should be that this will deal Mitt Romney 4 defeats in a row, something that should have a huge deflating effect on things like support and fundraising.

And the news isn’t that Ron Paul has possibilities as a nominee, that is ludicrous. Nor The Newt. The news is that a Ron Paul win in Maine spells opportunity for Rich Santorum.

And that is good news indeed.

For Democrats.

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Fenway Fran said...

Actually, New Hampshire is the Live Free or Die state. But I didn't know Maine's so I looked it up. It's Dirigo, (Latin for I direct, or I lead)because it once held its elections in September. My two years of high school Latin is too far removed for me to have remembered! You'd have to be elitist to know Latin, though.