Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The New Congressional District Map is Out

Perhaps right in the nick of time before the Texas Primary would have to be moved back (again) into June, the Federal District Court in San Antonio has issued a new congressional district map that pretty much goes along the lines of the compromise between State Attorney General Greg Abbott and 7 out of 10 groups that opposed the highly discriminatory maps drawn last year by the Republican super majority in the Texas legislature. Click here to view the new district map.

I’m happy with the CD 22 boundaries. It puts my county all in the same congressional district rather than being divided. It puts the East Side of the county in Pete Olson’s district, a part of the county that came out heavily for President Obama in 2008.

However on the negative side, the African-American woman who is seeking the Democratic nomination to run against Pete Olson, Kesha Rogers, gains advantage as well.  African-Americans I know unabashedly admit that a huge factor in helping them decide who to vote for is race. But I have news for her. The word on her, and her looney tunes ideas about Barack Obama being a puppet of the British monarchy is starting to get out.

Lloyd Doggett will have a problem though. Doggett lives within the newly formed CD-35, a heavily gerrymandered district that includes Hispanic areas of Austin, then goes screaming southeast along a narrow corridor that straddles Interstate 35 (a coincidence? I don’t think so) and takes in a heavily Hispanic east San Antonio. Doggett will have to run in the primary against a popular Hispanic man whose name escapes me right now.

And word is coming out on state senate districts. Apparently Wendy Davis’ district will be preserved. Republicans hold grudges, it seems. And Wendy Davis single-handedly dealt them a temporary defeat in the last legislative session. They don’t like being outmaneuvered by an attractive woman.

It makes them look stupid.

But they have it all turned around. It is they who make Wendy Davis look like a genius.

And she probably is anyway.

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