Friday, February 03, 2012

Off With Her Head

Heads need to roll.

Yesterday, a spokesman for the Susan G. Komen for The Cure foundation announced that it was not going to continue to support Planned Parenthood with continued funding for breast cancer screening, a popular and necessary function of the group that saves women’s lives on a daily basis. The reason, as found here, is that one of the foundation’s directors, and who knows, maybe others, bent to the pressure of conservative congressmen who have been trying to drive Planned Parenthood out of the healthcare business for a couple of years now. Their sin? A small portion of the services that they provide to women is the performance of D and Cs. Abortions.

Komen foundation senior vice president and self-avowed lifelong Republican, Karen Handel, made a “retweet” of a Twitter posting by an anti-choice advocate “Just like a pro-abortion group to turn a cancer orgs decision into a political bomb to throw. Cry me a freaking river.” Obviously a reaction to the tremendous backlash reaction among pro-choice advocates upon hearing of the policy change.

The reaction was swift and angry from people of all political persuasions, and donations to Planned Parenthood came pouring in from all over. How, some asked, can the Komen foundation advocate for cancer prevention and cure when they withhold funds from one of America’s main healthcare provider to women who ordinarily cannot afford it?  Today the Komen foundation backpedaled and announced that they would continue to support Planned Parenthood.

And that’s fine. But it sounds really hollow. This reversal lacks sincerity. It is more in the nature of covering their collective behinds than being really and truly repentant. It’s more about image than a substantive change in policy.

That’s why Senior Vice President Karen Handel must lose her job. Karen Handel needs to go. And to make it sweeter, former Komen foundation director of community health programs, Mollie Williams, who resigned in protest of the new policy, should be rehired to replace Handel.

Do that, and I am a believer.

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