Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Barbara Carlson For US Congress!!!

Oh. My. God.

Today I received not one, but two identical letters from the Barbara Carlson for TX-22 Congress campaign.

Barbara Carlson, need I remind you, is primarying Congressman Pete Olson this year because he is too darned liberal. Barbara Carlson is Tea Party through and through. I like the fact that her campaign invested useless funds to notify me of her candidacy, something that I was painfully aware of. And notified me not once but twice on the same day.

Telling me that her database is flawed, flawed and flawed.

Oh the exquisite irony.

She has me in there as a possible supporter, which can never happen in the present three dimensions, not once or even twice.

OK, wanna see what she writes?

First she openly advertises that she is a transplant from Minnesota where she served in the state senate. Writing that but failing to include that she moved to Texas as quick as she could. What a gaffe.

Then she lists her personal concerns on Congressman Pete Olson’s voting record. Believe me I have equal concerns but you are not going to believe what concern Barbara Carlson.

She hates it that Pete Olson voted to increase the debt ceiling.

The trouble with that is that the perceived balking to vote in favor of the debt ceiling earned the full faith and credit of the United States a less than AAA credit rating. This woman was willing to sell America’s credit to loan sharks.

Hates it that Pete Olson authorized the continued support of out troops in voting for HR347. Our troops are not a big priority with Carlson.

Blames Pete Olson for rising gasoline prices, despite the fact that gasoline prices are set by futures speculators who have no concerns other than their bottom line.

Tears at Olson for voting against the Small Business Tax Relief and Small Business Infrastructure Jobs Tax Act, even though that act, if passed would have been a feather in the cap of the Obama Administration, because anyone knows, if the Democrats improve anything, makes anything better, that is not good for Republicans.

Some hazy vague claim about “Obamacare.” Really? Olson is for Obamacare? Gimme a break.

Stresses Olson’s refusal to sponsor or co-sponsor a bill on Social Security. Stressing, therefore, Olson’s refusal to place his foot squarely on America’s third rail. Something that even a mental midget like Olson won’t do.

And really, don’t get me wrong, I encourage the Carlson campaign to keep up the good work and get the word out there and win this primary challenge.

This should scare the bejesus out of the Independent voters and Republican moderates and help them to see that perhaps a vote for KP George is not such a bad idea.

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