Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bye-bye Brady

OK now here is the thing. Craig Brady lost his 4-year bid to become the heir apparent for Fort Bend County Sheriff. Lost it big time. Lost it in an embarrassing way.  Here’s the thing. Troy Nehls beat the stuffing out of Craig Brady yesterday, this despite his expenditure of hundreds of thousands of dollars, including full size billboards that have been up for nearly 4 years.

Annoying things that have only served to remind Fort Bend voters of who they don’t want to be their next county sheriff. Brady listened and listened to a political consultant by the name of Karen, who must have banked tens of thousands of his campaign funds. Karen made a killing off of this guy. This self-important wheeler and dealer in the Republican Party is rich at Brady’s expense because he listened to her advice.
And now he is out of a job come January.
I am guessing that Brady will be fair and balanced with regard to those that deposed him. Not to be would be unfortunate.
And to Craig Brady I want to wish a happy retirement. You deserve it.

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