Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stay Classy Houston

Today a 4 (white) man, 2 (white) woman jury found ex-Houston PD officer Andrew Blomberg not guilty of “official” oppression – otherwise known as criminal assault. Who is Andrew Blomberg? He is one of four ex-Houston PD officers who were caught on a security brutalizing a 15 year old African-American boy who was fleeing the scene of a burglary that he had just committed.

The video shows the boy being clipped by a HPD squad car and, and the boy immediately submitting to an arrest. The 4 officers then engaged in repeatedly beating and punching the boy.

The video was, hands down, a verification that the officers clearly overstepped the boundaries of what constitutes an arrest in this country. NAZIs were more lenient than these gentlemen.

And yet today, the all-white jury found the first of these four former officers not guilty.

Now here’s the thing. Protesters to this verdict , Quanell X specifically, made the point that this was not a jury of “our peers,” nor the peers of the beaten child.

Here is the rub. The constitutional right to be tried by a jury of your peers was not violated in this case. Andrew Blomberg is a flaming racist, and he was tried by a jury of equally flaming racists.

His peers.

No, we got justice here in southeast Texas. We got it Texas style. Stay classy Houston.

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