Friday, May 18, 2012

It’s Getting Ugly Out There

I’ve been watching the local GOP primary process as it wends its way to May 29th with interest mainly because, outside of the KP/Kesha race, the Democrats have no primary opponents, in my area at least.

And on that race, I was very disappointed today to see that something I spotted yesterday afternoon has been undone today when I had my camera ready to capture the moment. Apparently some Republican joker decided to support Kesha Rogers’ campaign by planting one of her lawn signs in his front yard, right next to a Mike Elliott for Judge sign.

It seems the Republicans have glommed onto the movement in the Fort Bend County Democratic Party to get the word out on bat-guano crazy Kesha Rogers so we don’t have an embarrassing repeat of 2010 when she won the Democratic nomination to oppose Pete Olson for the CD-22 race. Someone in the GOP decided it would be funny to promote her race.

Kesha Rogers has had Republican supporters, only now it seems they have reconsidered their position and took the Rogers sign down.

The fun race to watch in Fort Bend County has been the 4-way race for County Sheriff. And I noted today that the Fort Bend Star, a local newspaper that makes no bones about its disgust for one of the candidates, Craig Brady, has a poll out. They ask readers to register their preferences among the 4 candidates. The publisher has made an endorsement for ABC (Anyone But Craig).

Here is a screenshot of the vote as of 5:30 PM today.

This pretty much jives with the sign wars. Signs for Troy Nehls pretty much dominate the front lawns.

Here’s a bit of mischief that I think we Democrats can visit on the Brady Campaign. It’s kind of fun. If you are a Democrat, you can still vote at the Fort Bend Star for the Sheriff’s candidate of choice. Now who you vote for is strictly up to you. I have only one suggestion. ABC.

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