Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The Early Vote Is In!!

At 9:15 PM on primary election night 2012 we are already seeing some trends. Some good, some bad.

With just the early vote in, it looks like KP George has finally dialed in an implosion at the LaRouche League. Kesha Rogers is being given her tin foil hat in the early vote by double digits. Early vote has KP George by over 25% with votes for Kesha, at 721 to 1,152 for KP. 

Buh-bye Kesha. Don't let the door hit you on your way out of CD-22.

Paul Sadler is not looking a safe bet for US Senate, though. He is making a weak campaign showing against Grady Yarborough, in his statewide showing of 34% to Yarbrough’s 26%.

In local elections, Ruben Davis appears to be ekeing out an edge over challenger Daryl Smith, this despite Smith’s 20 minute video of Davis threatening Smith with a hand gun at the Chasewood early voting location.

The fun stuff is over at the Republican primary, where winners are chosen based on past performances of the party in statewide elections.

Statewide, despite the projections of some, Mitt Romney is going to be the nominee. In fact, it seems that Texas has the singular honor of putting Romney over the top and he is no longer the presumptive nominee. Congrats Texas GOP. You’ve just nominated the next Republican presidential loser. What an honor.

David Dewhurst has a slim lead over Ted Cruz but the field is so wide and diffuse I wonder if he can be the outright nominee tonight. If so, I wonder if the anyone but Dewhurst vote would be enough to topple him in July (when the entire state is tubing down the Guadalupe River).

Pete Olson appears to be having his way with Barbara Carlson who polls the typical TEA Party vote of 25%.

Locally in Fort Bend, Troy Nehls has outpolled Craig Brady by a 57% to 33% majority. My condolences to my GOP brethren who had to decide between Eeew and Yuck. The Democratic nominee, Michael Ellison, is twice the total of the two of them.

In short, not much new under the sun.

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