Monday, May 14, 2012

National Teacher Appreciation Day

Last week was National Teacher Appreciation Week, and in the middle of it, on Wednesday, it was National Teacher Appreciation Day. It was a glorious week. A free breakfast on Monday that I forgot about because it was, after all, Monday, a Snickers bar in my mailbox on Tuesday. On Wednesday parents brought in sweets (thank God someone remembered those of us who don’t do sweets, and brought fruit). On Thursday if you stood in line with the kids you could get some shaved ice for free. On Friday there was a rice and bean burrito for lunch along with an embarrassing tote bag that I have to give to a female.

Oh and some kid tripped me in the hall after leaving the lunch as I tried to negotiate a path back to my room in the crowded halls.

I still have bruises.

So yeah, happy National Teacher Week. This Jimmy Kimmel video says it all, I am afraid:

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