Monday, May 07, 2012

Republicans Are Just Plain Mean, Aren’t They?

Here in Fort Bend County, Texas it is always fun around primary time watching the Republican candidates try and scratch each other’s eyes out. It’s particularly fun when it involves the current tiff between the ultra-right TEA Party leaning ones and the “mainstream Republicans” as they are now being called.

When a blow-up occurs between these two factions, it is popcorn time for we Democrats.

So I was heartened today to see a nasty exchange between two Republican state senators had been made public between TEA Party-crazy Senator Dan Patrick and the more moderate State Senator John Carona.

They are both from safe districts and aren’t even competing in a primary, so it makes this dust up even more fun to watch.

Apparently there is no love lost between these two. They seem to hate each other. They must also hate it when they have to agree on voting for Republican-sponsored bills.

Today we learned
in The Chron that John Carona sent an email to fellow senators suggesting that Patrick and his wife were having marital difficulties and that a divorce seemed to be on the horizon. Here is an excerpt from the email that Patrick sent out in protest for Carona’s attack:
“I was in Dallas last week and learned that Senator Carona has told people outside the Senate that Jan and I are separated and may get divorced. He added in a few other negative comments about me in an obvious attempt by him to discredit me for some reason. … There is no excuse or justification for his actions. He could have easily checked the story out to see if it was true. He didn’t care if it was true.

To which Carona responded:
The email which you blasted to our colleagues and then provided to the media is false and you would have known that had you called or emailed before sending it. …Though I have heard rumors regarding your marital status and sexual preferences for a while now, at no time have I told anyone that you are either separated, divorced, or gay.”
And no, in the original email message Carona did not accuse State Senator Dan Patrick of being gay.

But NOW he has.

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