Monday, May 21, 2012

Texas Death Factories Boast Abundant Supplies

It took a court order, but Greg Abbot, the Texas AG had to go on record and reveal how many capital crime prisoners it would be able to execute given their current pharmaceutical supplies.

Texas can execute 23 more people, and then they are going to have to look for another way to knock them out, humanely.

See, it isn’t that the state doesn’t have enough Potassium Chloride. You can get that stuff easily. KCl stops the heart. Nor is it any problem to acquire Pancuronium Bromide, a muscle relaxant that is used to stop breathing.

They use it in Europe for euthanasia.

Nope, the limiting factor is that the state has only on hand enough Nembutol to carry out 23 executions, because Nembutol is becoming increasingly difficult to acquire for the purposes of the “humane” execution of humans.

And really, not even 23. According to state law, the state must keep on hand another dose of this cocktail in case the first dose doesn’t kill the prisoner. But they don’t do that. Apparently they keep only one dose on hand, but then when it doesn’t work they have someone to run to the chemical storage room to get another dose.

So theoretically the state has only enough of the mixture to rub out 11 and half capital crime prisoners.

What will Texas do? What will they do?

My prediction, to maximize the number of citizens that need to be wasted, they will add a cabinet containing a 5 pound mallet in the execution room, with the sign “In Case of Emergency, Break Skull.

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