Saturday, January 19, 2013

A Tool, But Not the Sharpest One in the Shed

James Yeager, who makes his living training civilians in weapons and tactical skills, can no longer, himself, carry a concealed weapon. That’s like being a dentist but not being allowed to carry a drill.
It seems that Yeager is upset that President Obama has signed an executive order banning all assault weapons in America – not that he did any such thing – but he was definitely upset about that possibility – not that it would be.
So Yeager made a You Tube video in which he threatened to “start killing people” to protect his 2nd Amendment right to carry a firearm designed to kill as many people as possible in as short a time as possible.
This gave people who work at the Tennessee Department of Safety and Homeland Security reason to be concerned about the public safety. In their statement made as they suspended Yeager’s privilege to carry a concealed weapon, they said “the number one priority for our department is to ensure the public's safety. Mr. Yeager's comments were irresponsible, dangerous, and deserved our immediate attention. Due to our concern, as well as that of law enforcement, his handgun permit was suspended immediately.”
Unfortunately, this does nothing to increase the public’s safety does it? Adam Lanza certainly didn’t have a conceal carry permit when he murdered 20 babies and 6 educators before ridding the planet of his diseased self. But get this, this guy just threatened to “start killing people” and his weapons still remain in his possession. This is the idiocy that is America’s gun ownership policy.
People own cars because they need to get around. They own frying pans so they can cook some food. But people who own guns do so because they are either hunters, paranoid, fanatical, or bat guano crazy.

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