Monday, January 28, 2013

The GOP Knows Voter Fraud When It Does It

When Republican Robin Rubin, a Las Vegas casino worker, got to her Henderson Nevada polling place last November she cast her lot, and her vote, for Mitt Romney, the ultimate loser last year. But that was not enough for her. One measly vote and she’s done.

But not her. Robin Rubin, you see, was absolutely certain that there was rampant voter fraud (so she says, anyway) and wanted to test the system.

So she left her job later that same day and tried to cast her second vote for Mitt Romney in Las Vegas.

The poll worker informed her that she had already voted. No, she insisted, I have not voted and insisted, insisted I tell you, that she be able to cast a (nother) ballot.

But the system worked and she was turned away, but not before her actions were reported to the state agency that oversees voter fraud – the Elections Integrity Task Force. She was arrested and charged with voter fraud.

Her defense? She was merely trying to test the system. She wouldn’t have actually cast a second ballot. But apparently the system worked and so her test failed.

The judge bought it (I’m not buying it) and gave her a very light sentence to cover the costs of her investigation, do 100 hours of community service, enroll in a course on impulse control, and keep her nose clean.

The irony to this whole story, besides being a Republican doing what they say Democrats do, is in the statements of the state’s Secretary of State, Ross Miller. Miller is in the unfortunate position of being another Republican elected official who is gung ho for new voter ID laws that include photo identification, but now has to admit that the system actually works.
“If Ms. Rubin was trying to demonstrate how easy it is to commit voter fraud, she clearly failed and proved just the opposite.”
This is something that a Democrat would say, but no, the Secretary of State is Republican. Notice how he tries to fix all this with this statement:
“That does not, however, mean that there is no need for vigilance and enhancements to the existing system. Our existing safeguards work, but when we have the opportunity to further strengthen the security of our system, without disenfranchising any voters, we should do so.”

Yep, he actually said that. He admitted that the system works fine, but wouldn’t it be just wonderful to spend millions of taxpayer dollars to make it still work.

Republicans doing stupid things and Republican saying stupid things. If it weren’t for that there would be nothing to write about except for what the cat did today.

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