Saturday, January 12, 2013

Well That’ll Never Happen Here

It seems that in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre of babies, the Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education in Ohio has approved the carrying of handguns by school staff members.
This is the beginning of a trend I fear, but I suspect that this particular class of school staff that has been authorized to carry concealed weapons down the halls and classrooms of Ohio schools will not be similarly authorized by a Texas school board.
You see, the school staff that has been authorized to carry firearms in Montpelier are the school custodial staff.
That’s right, the guys who toss the sawdust on the vomit spills on the terrazzo floors of public schools will also be the guys that defend school children against crazy demented killers armed to the teeth with weapons designed to kill as many people as possible in as short a time interval as possible.
Because, you know, we can’t simply hope that what happened in Sandy Hook will never happen at the school your child attends. Someone has to do something.
And this is what the Montpelier Exempted Village Schools Board of Education has done.
It is very cost effective you know. They don’t have to hire trained experts in firearm defense, they just pay for a 2-day course for the custodians they already employ. And what self-respecting manager of trash and light bulbs would want to turn down the chance to, at some point in their lives, become a very large target for a demented deranged killer of small children?
But as I mentioned above, this very, very bad idea will find no traction here in Texas, because here in Texas the people we hire to maintain our public schools are uniformly people of minority races – well Hispanics are soon to become the majority here so maybe I should just say “unwhite people”
Because as trifling as it seems, no self-respecting Texas taxpayer could tolerate the expenditure of one cent of their precious tax dollars to train and arm an “unwhite person”.
Nope, not happening.

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