Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Republicans Say No to Sandy Victims

Chaffing under what is being touted as a full scale surrender in the fiscal cliff vote, where 150 Republicans voted No but the bill passed courtesy of House Democrats, Republicans then took it out on the superstorm Sandy victims -  residents of Norteastern states (aka Blue States) and indicated to Speaker Boehner that they would vote against a $60.4 billion federal relief bill.

It was, in essence, a temper tantrum on the part of House Republicans.

Republican congressman Phil King of New York, who I usually hate, was heard to say that anyone who lives in the affected states who would even consider donating to the campaign of House Republican “should have their head examined.”

Going further King labeled this inaction “Indefensible and immoral” and a “dereliction of duty.”

Today, temper tantrums were definitely the thing to do within the Republican caucus, apparently.

Now I have to admit, $60.4 billion is an unprecedented amount for a disaster relief from a single storm, but you also have to admit that the damages that occur when a hurricane hits a major metropolitan area are going to be slightly higher than when a hurricane rips up a swamp, as usually happens in the Gulf.

But the main thing, the main thing is that Republicans were unwilling to render aid to a region of the United States based on its voting demographics, which I believe is also unprecedented. This isn’t a corporate bailout or TARP or even a military contract, this is disaster relief. Disasters don’t take political sides.

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