Friday, January 04, 2013

Texans Voted Themselves 6 Years of Irrelevance

By voting in a TEA Party US senator who would vote with the likes of Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, Texans have given themselves a six-year sentence of irrelevancy. This became crystal clear when Ted Cruz was interviewed on CNN recently by Wolf Blitzer.
Blitzer sought to tutor the freshman senator on the art of the deal when he announced that he would have voted with his TEA Party associates in the Senate – voting against the Biden-McConnell compromise that raised taxes on the rich but spared the middle class.
“But, remember,” said Blitzer. “Tthe president was reelected. Harry Reid is the majority leader -- you're in minority in the United States Senate. You got to deal with reality. You can't just be -- you can't just be overly idealistic.
Cruz’s response was essentially “oh yes I can.”
So in sending TEA Party Ted to the US Senate, Texans have sent an intractable follower to the seat vacated by a moderate deal maker in Kay Bailey. No one will go to Cruz for a vote exchange. No one will try to compromise with him. No deals are possible with him.
But that’s the typical Texas conservative voter in a nutshell these days. So Texas gets exactly what it deserves, a 6-year sentence of irrelevance.


Anonymous said...

Remember -- in two years the GOP can take back the Senate and add to its House majority -- at which point Barack Obama becomes irrelevant.

Hal said...

And that's because the GOP is doing such an outstanding job running congress into the ground?

judge chief charly hoarse said...

With the current recividism rate for congress, he may be Senator-for-life

judge chief charly hoarse said...

And with the current recividism rate for congress,he may be Senator-for-life.