Saturday, January 19, 2013

Utah: Guns, God, and Gummint

In a JC Penney’s at a mall in Utah - where it is legal for classroom teachers to carry concealed weapons, and they don’t have to notify anyone (including their students’ parents) – a yahoo with more guns than brains decided to make a political point while buying articles of clothing.

He wore an AR-15 over his back, carried several high-capacity magazines, and a semi-automatic pistol on his belt.
This, just a little more than a month after 20 babies were mercilessly plastered with bullets from the self-same weapon, and the country is still in shock over it.

This, just 4 hours after President Obama called for legislation banning assault rifles in America.
This, as well as a teacher’s right to carry a concealed weapon in class, is legal in Utah.

Happily, nothing ever takes me through that state. I haven’t been to Utah since I visited 4 Corners about 6 years ago. But there is nothing in the world that would ever bring me to go to that state and spend any amount of money while that kind of craziness, which appears to top whatever we do here in Texas, remains.
Taste demands it.

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