Tuesday, January 08, 2013

On Arming Educators

Now I don’t know a single educator who has gone to a gun club or any other place to receive training in order to obtain a Conceal Carry gun permit. I DO know some teachers who think that it’s a tremendously good idea to arm teachers so that tragedies like the Newtown massacre of babies can be avoided in the future.
But just a minute ago I stumbled across a very selfish reason for school districts across the nation to forbid the possession of a handgun by a teacher in the classroom.
Take a worst-case scenario, where we have a world that accepts, and even promotes the notion that teachers need to be armed, and the possession of concealed weapons in a classroom setting is a commonplace occurrence.
Does this prevent a determined insane killer from intruding on a campus and shooting the place up? By definition, the killer is insane. An insane person is the only kind of person who would perpetrate this heinous act.
But if the insane person is knowledgeable of the fact that every teacher is armed with a concealed weapon, guess who gets the first six rounds pumped into him or her by someone armed with a semi-automatic rifle capable of getting off six rounds per second?
Even if the teacher is, in fact, not armed?
Food for thought.

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