Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Senate Republicans Shackle Themselves Again

State Senator Dan Patrick lost another bid to overturn the 2/3s rule in the Texas Senate today. Patrick is by far the most extreme conservative of the 19 Republican senators in the senate and wants nothing better than to negate any minority Democratic challenge to some of the more outrageous Republican bills that get through the lower body.
With 12 Democrats in the Texas State Senate, and I am assuming that District 6 will elect another Democrat, it would require a crossover vote of 2 Democrats to bring any bill to the senate floor for debate.
But apparently the other 18 Republican senators want to insulate themselves from some of the wigged out notions that sometimes pass the State House, where insanity sometimes reigns supreme.
What this means to me, as an educator, is that a huge collective sigh of relief can now be breathed with regard to the latest scheme to pass a system of school vouchers meant to benefit establishments of private, and sectarian education.
Democrats are uniformly opposed to the notion, as well as not just a few Republicans.
So Patrick’s scheme to enrich tax-exempt religious institutions with taxpayer money will inevitably fail.
Praise Jesus.

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