Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Kerry as SecState: Texas Votes No

Texas has the singular honor of being the only state whose two senators voted No in the Senate vote to confirm Senator John Kerry as thenext Secretary of State.
That’s right, John Cornyn – the guy who made heavy use of the 2S deferment that got him out of the Vietnam War voted against Vietnam War veteran John Kerry. Ted Cruz being a bat guano crazy TEAbagger couldn’t help himself, but Cornyn should be ashamed of himself.
The vote was 94 – 3 with Senator Kerry abstaining.
The other guy to vote no, not surprisingly, was Oklahoma senator James Imhofe.
Imhofe thinks that global warming is a hoax, so consider the source.
In actuality Kerry’s 100% No vote from Texas should be a badge of honor to be worn proudly. Who would want to have the likes of Cornyn and Cruz cast a Yes vote for you anyway?

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cactusflinthead said...

When the newsy person on the tube says the words "US Senator(s) from Texas..." early in the morning as the caffeine is beginning to kick in it is usually not followed by information that makes my morning bright and cheery. It is however generally followed by a few to several expletives and finished off with a derisive shake of the head and a sigh of resignation.