Monday, September 02, 2013

Let the Fur Fly

I'm actually looking forward to attending a Town Hall tomorrow. Pete Olson has scheduled one at one of the Fort Bend ISD high schools tomorrow night and I need to go and watch, especially to see if there will be any fur flying around.
I have large thumbs.
Pete Olson angered local elderly people recently by sending out an email blast accusing the AARP of being a tool of the Democratic Party. They supported Obamacare, you see, and anyone who supports health care for everyone must be a radical liberal.
So he is coming to their own backyard, so to speak, and I am going to assume that it will be well-attended by the blue-hairs who were avid supporters of Tom DeLay way back when, but are now looking askance at Sneaky Pete.
Olson runs his Town Halls with his overly large thumb pressed down on his constituents' 1st Amendment rights and only allows questions from the floor to be filled out on index cards beforehand. Cards that are then filtered for content by his minions.
Yes, Pete Olson is somewhat of a tool, and yes he has a very large thumb to suppress free speech at what he calls a Town Hall. But I am going to see this spectacle anyway. If it comes off with slick crowd control I'll let you know.
If it doesn't, I'll definitely let you know.

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