Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Service Guarantees Citizenship

Guess what Congressman Pete Olson did tonight? He conducted a straw poll. What he wanted to know is what his constituents - you know, a sampling from the broad spectrum of constituents who bother to show up to his Town Halls - what his constituents thought about how we should grant citizenship to illegal DREAMERS who are in the country illegally through no fault of their own. Their parents brought them.
He wanted to know what his constituents thought about how the United States should treat these people who are haplessly caught between two countries. What a concept.
And the throng of over 200 CD 22 constituents responded. (I withheld my opinion so as not to legitimize his so-called poll).
It was a multiple choice question.
Here were the answer choices.
A. Provide an automatic path to citizenship with no requirements
B. Provide a path for those with military service.
C. Provide a path for those who have excelled in school and plan to go to college.
D. Send them back to their original country.
Guess what got last place?
Answer choice A. 13% and change. That was the Democratic audience.
Note that the answer choice in the Immigration bill was not included. A path to citizenship that includes paying penalties, back taxes and getting in line. Why sully this poll with actual reality?
Guess what got 2nd from the top? Answer choice D. Screw 'em. Send them back to a country they never knew. That's my Town Hall attending audience that I have come to know and hate.
Guess which one got El Numero Uno? Answer choice B. Only military inductees shall have citizenship. 26% of the respondents chose answer choice B. Twice that of those who chose A.
I love it when Republicans are caught out in the open being Republicans. And I love it how they have totally bought in on the concept of citizenship only for those who serve in the military. What does this remind me of? A futuresque sci-fi movie about killing spiders on the planet Klendathu? Is it that easy?
Yes it is.

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