Monday, September 16, 2013

There She Is...

While we sort through the events at the Navy Yard in DC, I want to make sure that some of America's finest racist bigots get their tweets repeated on this blog.
Nina Davuluri is the newly crowned Miss America. She is the 2nd straight Miss New York to be crowned the title.
And she is brown-skinned.

She was made in America, so to speak, but of Indian-American descent. Not native American, mind you, but Indian-American.
And America showed its true colors once again via the twitter. Ignorance is bliss, some say, but in this case all I can say is ignorance is the true shame on America.
Here are some tweets from some twits:
"Are you serious? The Arab wins? This is miss AMERICA, not miss Arabia. Miss Kansas is in the Army and is a country girl. C'mon."
"This is miss America, not miss Terrorist."
"A Muslim Arab won miss America. They blow your shot (sic) up and you crown them. You bitches backwards."
"nice slap in the face to the people of 9-11 how pathetic."
"This is Miss America, not Miss Muslim."
I hate it when the trailer-dwelling crackers speak to the world for the rest of us.  

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