Tuesday, September 03, 2013

No Fur Flew....(Sigh)

OK just so you know, at Pete Olson's purported exercise of our 1st Amendment rights tonight, no fur flew.
As expected.
Pete Olson runs a tightly controlled Town Hall as previously noted. So he gets to pick and choose which questions will be answered and which ones are destined for the "round file." The AARP matter never came up. Never. And how this occurred with an audience full of grey hair, white people gray hair, cannot be left up to chance.
Now Obamacare did come up, make no mistake about that. The entire Republican audience was so fired up about Obamacare that their questions were nonstop about it, enough to inspire one participant to complain about it.
But not one question on the AARP being "a tool of the Democrat Party", and clearly all you have to do is follow the money on that one. Retirees have disposable income. They do. And they vote, and they donate campaign lucre. So I see this bullet dodging as an acknowledgement of that fact.
So no fun was had by me. I got no memorable video footage.
Oh and just so you know, Pete Olson won't vote for a cruise missile response to Assad's use of chemical weapons. He won't give the president, quote, a blank check for war in Syria.
I continue to be impressed by Sneaky Pete's ability to obfuscate the truth. He is a master at it.

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