Wednesday, September 04, 2013

Sneaky Pete on Obamacare

Just wanted to update my viewers about what their congresscritter has decided to do about your health care.

Screw you.

This needs to be the Republican Party Emblem. If you want to have equal access to health care, well then SCREW YOU. If you want an endlife plan and you are not yet 65, well then SCREW YOU. If you have a brother, an uncle, a mother who does not yet have Medicare or Medicaid benefits, and are slowly dying, well then screw you and the horse you came in on.

That is what Pete Olson, a Texan CD 22 congressman has for his message to his constituents.


The ACA, otherwise as Obamacare will help people. Pete Olson has no interest in that. The only trouble is, Pete Olson lives in a district of like-minded people.

I took a long shower when I got home last night after the Olson Town Hall.

The comments I heard were just horrible. These people are mean and nasty.

And Pete Olson represents them. But not me.

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