Thursday, September 05, 2013

On the Trainwreck Comment

OK I have one more thing to say about Pete Olson's Town Hall meeting the other night in Sugar Land, Texas and then I'll go and look for other fish to barbecue (because frying fish undoes all of the good things about that food).
I videoed Sneaky Pete over some intervals hoping to catch him talking about the AARP. It didn't happen naturally, but I did get this one short clip of him talking about Obamacare.
He talked about Obamacare a whole darn lot.

Get that? He asked his audience what they knew about Obamacare and some people correctly responded. Then he dismissed the whole thing with "no one knows." Guess he wasn't ready for correct answers to his question.
His thesis is that because news of the onset of Obamacare's open enrollment beginning on October 1st the program is doomed to failure. This is something that Senator Max Baucus brought up awhile back, that there was a dearth of information out there about how the ACA (Obamacare) is going to be implemented. The curiosity is how Sneaky Pete twisted Baucus' words when he cited Senator Baucus as being the senator who was now against Obamacare, and he was one of its chief proponents.
Pete cited Baucus' words that "Obamacare will be a trainwreck," quoting him out of context. The context was that if the ACA is not actively promoted to the citizenry, "I just see a huge train wreck coming down." Baucus still supports Obamacare. He just has concerns about promotion.
But that is how Sneaky Pete rolls. Lies and quotes out of context are his absolute strengths.
Now here is the truth. News of implementation of Obamacare is scheduled. It just hasn't happened yet. Someone down in DC rightly concluded that Americans have limited long-term memory. They do. And the proof is, if this is not true Republicanism would be a long-forgotten fancy. Timing is crucial. People are going to be informed, just not right now.
Take a look at this. They plan on spending millions in promotional ads.
Just not now.
But if you do want to know well in advance of what to do to enroll in the national healthcare insurance program, all you have to do is this: CLICK HERE.
I did. You can pre-register. Millions have already done this.
Thank you Pete Olson for reminding me to promote Obamacare to my 6 readers. I clean forgot about doing it.
(I can't believe this guy is a 3-term congressman. Wait, there was Kesha Rogers, twice. Of course I can believe he is a 3-term congressman)

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