Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Fort Bend County Commissioner Tom Stavinoha: “I Was For the Grand Parkway Tollway Before I Was Against It”

What a game of flip floppery we have going here in Texas' Fort Bend County. Ever the den of backroom dealings, now we have Precinct 1 Commissioner Tom Stavinoha playing charades in a half-hearted attempt to pass a resolution advising TxDOT that Section C of the Grand Parkway, proposed as a “tollway to nowhere”, not be built.

This is not the Tom Stavinoha who attended a community meeting over this project last November, and stated firmly that he was for the project.

That was before the organized opposition to the project made its existence known to him.

That was before a credible Democratic opponent, Attorney Richard Morrison, announced that he was running for Tom’s seat in the court.

Precinct 2 commissioner, Democrat Grady Prestige, called this move exactly as he saw it: “a half-baked cake”. Translation: Stavinoha wants to make it look like he is really against this project to deflate any organized opposition, so proposes a resolution that, sadly, ever so sadly, would pass with an undecisive split vote. So he just had to withdraw it. Tarnation!

This would be such a slimy manipulation of the truth if it wasn’t so transparent. If it wasn’t so poorly executed. When are Fort Bend County voters going to realize that returning these guys to office time and time again gains them nothing if there is no integrity in the mix? If the guy has an R next to his name on the ballot, why is that person automatically the one to vote for if it does nothing for you and puts a “tollway to nowhere” and a 17 storey garbage heap behind your backyard fence?

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