Sunday, December 30, 2007

Rick Noriega’s Holiday Greetings

The next US Senator from Texas has a video message for his future constituents. Click on the You Tube video embed to watch, then why not make one last donation to the campaign in 2007? New Years’ Eve marks the last day of the quarterly reporting period and Rick has a goal to meet. One that has been self-set at $30K, but really one that needs to show that Rick has the Right Stuff to win. The right stuff, being green in color.

You know and I know that he can be the right person at the right time for this job, but that will be meaningless to voters if he goes up against Cornyn after the March primary, and Cornyn’s Rove-esque politicos are blazing away unanswered as they are trying to set the stage and define who Rick Noriega is. Rick needs your help to put HIS message in front of the voters in 5 major Texas media markets. It’s going to take more than good intentions to unseat George Bush’s number one ally in the Senate. It is going to take sacrifice and treasure. Rick got my latest 50 bucks today, how about yours?

Contribute HERE.

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