Monday, December 17, 2007

On The Phone With Rick Noriega

So I was on the phone with my future US Senator, Rick Noriega, tonight. It was a blogger family affair. Rick talked for about 23 minutes about where the campaign had been, where it was now, and where it was going. Things to look for.

As I sat and listened, it became clear to me that John Cornyn hasn’t the slightest idea what is going to come at him next year.

Not a clue.

It occurred to me that John Cornyn has tried to distance himself from a president who lies and lies and lies, but the die is cast and the story has already been told.

My conclusion? This race will not be so much a race between Noriega and Cornyn. Cornyn and George Dubya Bush are attached at the hip. It will very much be a referendum on George W. Bush.

And Texans, and that includes Republican Texans, are fighting mad at Bush.

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