Friday, December 28, 2007

Fort Bend County Democratic Party Registers Candidates

In the county seat of Fort Bend County, Richmond Texas, space has been set aside for Fort Bend Democratic Party Chair Elaine Bishop to accept applications for the March 5, primary. Last day to register is Wednesday January 2nd, 2008 at 6 PM.

But today, as announced in FortBendNow and at the Fort Bend Democrats website Ms. Bishop made a place to accept applications, and their fees if applicable.

This is a live blog of this event. I am sitting in the anteroom to the conference room where Bishop sits, awaiting applicants.

2:08 PM: In walks Richard Morrison. Richard is applying for Fort Bend County Commissioner, Precinct 1. A few minutes and an exchange of fees, he is in. All in all three individuals besides Richard have filed for this seat, with two more promising to enter. Bishop predicted a runoff for this nomination, Morrison doubts it.

Big issues in Precinct 1 include the proposed Section C of the Grand Parkway, proposed as a tollway, as well as the proposed 17 storey high Blueridge Landfill. Both of these projects have been supported by sitting Pct 1 comissioner Tom Stavinoha, although he was recently seen distancing himself from the Grand Parkway Tollway plan.
2:21 PM: Albert Hollan enters. Albert is running for Judge of the recently created 434th District Court which is currently occupied by a Rick Perry appointee James Shoemake. Shoemake only a few months into his appointed position has already had complaints about his behavior in court among other things.

That's Albert Hollan standing between future County Commissioner Richard Morrison and plaintiff's attorney Donald Bankston, who graciously donated his office space to the Democratic Party to make all of this possible.

3:30 PM: A couple of citizens came in to file applications for precinct chairs, and upon checking for one precinct we found that one of the two would have an opponent. However, there are lots of ways to accomodate that.

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