Thursday, December 06, 2007

Sekula Gibbs Touts Racist Islamophobic Blog

I usually don’t peruse the candidate websites on “the Dark Side”. So it took a friend to point out to me that Dr. and former Texas CD-22 congresswoman Shelley Sekula Gibbs, MD, is proudly touting a local right wing blog as a news article that posted something concerning her campaign. And not just your run-of-the mill right wing blog. This blog has, in the past, posted virulent and vile racist remarks. Remarks that would make a moderate conservative cringe.

So what do I suppose? If she is touting this blog, is she also supporting these racist remarks?

Well I don’t know whether Sekula Gibbs is a racist or not, but for a congressional candidate to promote a blog that is patently racist does not look right.

OK, the specifics. The blog is called “Rhymes With Right” and it is principally run by a social studies teacher who teaches eager young minds in Clear Creek ISD. [No links here, go to Shelley’s website]

A particularly good distillation of the racist remarks can be found at this progressive Democrat’s website. I will extract a few for your edification below [some remarks are just so over the top that it violates the Half Empty PG-13 rating].

"That's one more dead terrorist in Hell with Allah."

"In return, we will ship the Arab Muslims in the United States -- egardless of their citizenship -- back to the Middle East...They and their relatives back in their homelands have shown their utter inablility
(sic) to live at peace with neighbors who are different from themselves....After all, if the Jews are not a good fit in the Middle East, why should the unassimilable Muslims be welcome in America?"

"Sorry, no respect for any ethnicity or religion with this scumbag...Just following the example of Muhammad, I guess. I recall that he liked sex with little girls, too. Would somebody please remind me what is there in Islam that is good and noble?"

"Why are we sending one thin dime to a backwater, Third World hell-hole like New Orleans?"

Yes, sadly enough, this is a blog by a teacher. I can never figure out how a teacher can be a right-wing political conservative. I know that, like slime mold, they exist, but I just can’t explain it.

And I also can’t explain why Shelley Sekula Gibbs’ campaign lists this racist blog alongside articles from more prominent mainstream media as it does. It’s kind of like going to a Mercedes dealsrship and finding an old Yugo on the showroom floor alongside brand new Mercedes-Benzes.

So clearly, things aren’t adding up. Gee, it must be CD-22 gearing up for another election year with politics as usual.


Anonymous said...

I can verify for a fact that Shelley is quite aware of the content of that Hate Website. And the anti-Muslim content is the tip of a very ugly iceberg.

I have spoken to Dr. Gibbs personally. She was a loyal reader of my old blog, View From 22 (which has now fallen into total disrepair from neglect, unfortunately). She even called it "interesting"...LOL. Her staff were also VF22 junkies.

Also, it's pretty clear that Dr. Gibbs is pretty close to this nut. In her fight against David Wallace, she leaked this guy a ton of dirt on Wallace and had him post it on his website.

In the last few weeks before the election, the author of this particular Hate Website (who is a GOP elected official, by the way) was featured on my site many times, and he even made a noisy show of threatening to sue me, which sadly never materialized.

Due to the extreme nature of the comments, JP candidate and Muslim activist Farhan Shamsi sent out around 5000 mailers to the Muslim community outlining this campaign of hate.

Before it was over, the hate website author sent me numerous emails begging and pleading that we stop. He promised to retreat from the world of politics (to take care of a sick wife, no less) and not pollute the discourse with his filth anymore. So I let him scurry away with no further mention.

But now I see he quickly returned to posting several times a day and is once again loudly supporting Dr. Gibbs.

What's a multi-cultural crusader to do?

Anonymous said...

Gibbs, Lampson, Wallace, Dean and all the rest are licking the same hands for campaign cash. Whoever said it's "a dash for cash" is absolutely right. You want to split hairs on hypocrites....protest and make your vote an "undervote" this coming year in CD-22!

Anonymous said...

I agree. It is ok to debate within your own party and with the other party(ies) but to spout this filth against anyone is NOT THE AMERICAN way. I am an activist for the Democrat Party but will not tolerate the poison from this persons mouth. So many of my friends and acquaintances are of other faiths and ideology. Nazi-like behavior is the sign of a very sick individual.

Hal said...

Don't be silly, Anon, it's hard to cast an undervote when you vote a straight ticket. Also from what I can gather, Wallace isn't running for anything.

Alan Steinberg said...

I am not asking for anyone's money... just their support.

Steinberg For Congress