Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Just A Few Days Left To File For the March Primary

January 2, 2008. That’s the deadline to file for candidacy for any office that will be on the March 5th Texas Primary ballot. That’s just days away, and that means it is crunch time for all the campaigns who have yet to have filed.

And as one former District Clerk found out, that drop dead date is exactly what it says it is: file or drop dead (and remember to get the address right – actually, I go with hand carrying if you are filing in Fort Bend County).

Bringing us to the list of current filers, as of Friday, December 21st.

In Texas 22nd Congressional District we have Nick Lampson alone on the ballot so far, but 4 of the 9 declared candidates on the Party of the Dark Side have filed:

Pete Olson filed on the first day: 12/3/2007.
John Manlove (Dave Wallace’s guy) filed on 12/17/2007.
Jim “Reverand Jim” Squier filed on 12/19/2007,
And bringing up the rear, former Congresswoman Shelley Sekula Gibbs, congresswoman for a month, filed on 12/20/2007.

And that’s it.

Four out of nine? Well Eight. Apparently Alan “The Kid” Steinberg withdrew, sending all of his supporters over to the camp of Pete “I’ve got a sailor suit” Olson. In his farewell announcement, entitled “So long and thanks for all the fish”, Steinberg writes:

“I feel strongly that Pete Olson would be the best person to serve our district in Congress, and have decided to step aside in order to focus on encouraging a greater public involvement in the system as a whole.”
So Alan stepped aside. I’m sure I just heard the Olson camp breathe a sigh of relief.

By the way, if you are still scratching your head about the title of his piece, it comes from the title of the fourth of five books that make up Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Universe Trilogy. Hey, at least the guy is well-read.

Whose missing here? Dean Hrbacek? Bob Talton? Where’d ya go, guys? Bob: worried about losing that House seat of yours to a Democrat? Dean, worried about . . . oh, that’s right, David Wallace already DID that.

And then there is Brian and Ryan, Klock and Rowley, respectively. Dark horses that make the campaign of Alan Steinberg credible.

Times a-wastin’ guys. Get those papers in so we can have us a real GOP slug fest. Watch out, though. In my humble opinion, at least one of them may be packing brass knuckles.

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