Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Big Pile O' Garbage? Commissioners Say Bring It On.

Out here in Southeast Texas we have elected county officials who have embraced the concept of okaying a 17 story by 784 acre pile of garbage within sight and smell of new and established Fort Bend communities.

Wouldn't that make it the tallest manmade (or any other -made) structure in Fort Bend County?

Now that's something to be proud of.

Bob Dunn over at FortBendNow writes that the County Commissioners will not oppose expansion of the Blue Ridge Landfill. This is in advance of a meeting at Quail Run Community Center tonight, and a public hearing to be conducted on December 7th.

Elsewhere I have seen that Nick Lampson will be showing up at that meeting. Dora Olivo D-Richmond, is also supporting anti-expansion efforts.

Commissioners rub their hands over the 4 to 5 hundred large that come in to the county each year in “tipping fees”. 4 to 5 hundred thousand dollars? Are you kidding? That’s chicken feed. That much and we degrade the quality of life in the areas surrounding a 17 story pile of trash? Increase risk of contaminating the water supply?

If they gave back their 18% pay increase we could make up for a nice chunk of that income.

And what is this 18 cents per cubic yard figure anyway? Is that Fort Bend County’s cut? Who made that deal? And what does that mean, on average for a tipping fee based on weight (dollars per ton – which is the more common fee quote)? All of that notwithstanding, why is Fort Bend County selling its residents down the river for 18 cents per cubic yard of garbage?

Aren’t we worth more than that?

And Grady, you can’t be with them on this. You can’t. I know you walk a fine line at the Commissioners’ Court being the only Democratic County Commissioner, but this is a line drawn in the sand. You need to vote with the people on this one.

And leave the balance of the Commissioner’s Court in full public view of just what they comprise:

A “garbage à trois”.

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