Tuesday, November 07, 2006

A Day At The Races

My day began at 9 PM on November 6th. Poll site campaign sign planting. A second from final act in this 46 act play. We split off in 6 directions with bundles of campaign signs for polling sites.

Site 1: Meadows Place, where I found out from the Meadows Place PD that we could leave only one sign per candidate. I asked what they were going to do with the Silly Shelley signs, they said they would be taken up. Maybe . . .

The Smither guy and I found a place for our singleton signs and that was that. But wait, I was gulled by the word "candidate". I had a gazillion "Had Enough" signs. So I turned around and stabbed it in next to an SSG. "Eh?" I said to the officer. "Yeah, that's OK". Hmm. A closet Dem?

I hopped from precinct to precinct planting Bottos next to Zerwas, Shamsi next to Cannata, Torres next to Annies, and Velasquez next to Bud. Lampson next to Shelley? Not a problem. The Republican team planting signs didn't bother to plant Shelley signs. A message?

I hopped on down to my precinct where I saw a Republican team out pluggin' and plantin' so I thought about it and decided to give them thier time while I went home to retrieve my 9 lawn signs to add to the collection that I was about to plant. I found very choice sites as the Republican team failed to realize that they crowded their signs around the school parking lot exit. I took the entrance and a choice corner spot.

Then I crashed for a 3 hour sleep full of very odd dreams.

Up and about, I checked my precinct poll site and saw that Annie's friends had place a 4 X 4 in front of my choice site. We never do that. That is just a bit low for our taste. But we have seen very low behavior in this election. I redistributed, placing my "Had Enough" smack in front of Annie's. Message clearly sent, but I left surprises also.

I found a sparse array up at another precinct in north Richmond, and sprouted bouquets of Bottos, scads of Sanes, troves of Torres, and heaps of Had Enoughs. I spotted a group of African-Americans camped out in the parking lot and learned that they were hirelings of Shelley. They were out there with the write-in vote instructions, but were just sitting there carrying on a very lively conversation among themselves.

Money well spent, Shelster.

Then I went back to the headquarters and called 9 pages-worth of GOTV numbers in our base area. All day we were getting people with questions and concerns, and I think we handled them well. We all kept dialing until just before the polls closed. Word is that as I type this, there is still a huge line at Pink Elementary - another core Democratic precinct.

Well, that's it. This is my last Election 2006 blog unless something horrendous happens. Now I just sit and watch the returns with my friends.

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