Sunday, November 19, 2006

Quelle Surprise (That's French For What a Surprise) Texas Gas Prices Have Gone Back Up

Who called it? Just about anyone.

Gasoline prices saw a huge drop before the November 7 elections. Now, here we are into the “Over the river and through the woods to Grandmother’s house we go” season, and the gasoline prices stormed up above 2 bucks here in the Houston area.

What’s different between then and now other than a lost election?

You can audit all of the campaign expenditures you want and you will still not be able to fathom the spreadsheets of the major oil corporations. Guaranteed.

You know, I don’t need a smoking gun, here. All I need is the fact that before the election, the cost of gasoline at the pumps plummeted. Now, as we enter the post Election Day driving season, we see the gasoline costs go up and up and up.

I used to work for these turkeys. I know what I am talking about. They want your money. They couldn’t care less about anything else – other than to get their people elected, which did not happen this year.

So, because of progressive disclosure rules, we can all go after a few tens of thousands of dollars that were misappropriated by hopelessly dimwitted state representatives, but there are literally BILLIONS of dollars are being gathered every month by a confabulation of oil industry megalomaniacs.

Money begets power.

How do we audit the energy industry? No one has ever asked for an independent audit of the energy industry. I doubt it will ever happen, but if anything, this is something that needs to happen.

Maybe with a democratic majority in both houses, it will finally happen.


I am characteristically pessimistic.


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This is just a few. Further proof that I am incapable of an original thought.

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